Tiberius Esquibel O'Connell

Daredevil Magician Extraordinaire


Stage Magic 5
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Daredevil 1


The year was 1899! The legendary magician Blackwell O’Connell was touring the European nations, entertaining Royalty and commoners alike! His young son, Tiberius, said to be the illegitimate child of a Spanish Noblewoman, tours with him, studying his feats of derring-do! After several years of training and intensive schooling in various engineering trades, Tiberius launched his own stage career in 1913!

Soon, however, he found that although he was achieving fame and fortune, his frequent brushes with death from his incredible death-defying feats left him bored and listless in regular life. This being the case, he joined up with the Smoking Jackals, seeking greater and greater danger to satisfy his addiction to thrilling feats!

A gifted martial artist in Bartitsu, and a remarkably agile fellow, Tiberius is noted mainly for his Escapist training and his engineered gadgets, formerly in use in his Stage Shows, now appropriated into combat, including his electrifying Tesla Cane! (Patent Pending).

Tiberius Esquibel O'Connell

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